Mr Greg Fisher


School Principal


Mrs Michelle Palethorpe




Mrs Liza Harvey


Community Member


Mrs Suzanne Clanton


Deputy Principal


Mrs Christina Birch


Staff Member


Mr Josh Popp


Parent Member


Ms Susie Gaunt


Parent Member


Mrs Jo Edwards


Parent Member


Mr Padriac Murphy


Parent Member


Ms Elise Laing Parent Member


The Doubleview Primary School Board was formed with the purpose of engaging in activities that will enhance the education provided by the school. The Board takes part in establishing and reviewing the school’s objectives, priorities and general policy directions. In addition, the Board participates in the planning of financial arrangements necessary to fund the school’s objectives, priorities and directions.

The Board meets regularly throughout the year with scheduled meetings and additional meetings to discuss specific issues. The Board meets to evaluate the school’s performance in achieving our objectives and inputs into discussions about the student code of conduct and dress code. The Board actively promotes the school in the community and develops suitable community partnerships.

Please click here for the Terms of Reference for the Doubleview Primary School Board.