(Closing on 21st July 2023)



Under the School Education Act 1999, parents are not compelled to enrol their children in a particular school. Students living within the local intake area are automatically guaranteed a placement in a primary (pre primary to 6) program. Students residing outside the local intake area will be offered a placement at the school provided there are vacancies and access to an appropriate program.

Kindergarten is ‘pre compulsory’ and residing within the local intake area does not guarantee enrolment. Applications for enrolment in the Kindergarten program close in July for the following year. Places in this program are limited and are allocated by distance from the school.

To complete our Enrolment Procedure, we require the following documentation/information:

Overseas Parents:

If your child is born in Australia but both parents are born overseas, we will require a copy of the child’s Australian passport or parents’ citizenship documents to determine if the child is an Australian citizen. For more information on this please refer to the Department of Home Affairs website.

You may forward Application for Enrolment and other information to email: doubleview.ps@education.wa.edu.au


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