The Canteen is run by the P&C Association, and is open on Wednesday and Friday. To view the latest Canteen menu please see the P&C website.

Canteen Staff:
The canteen is managed by Nanise Leed. This is a paid position, to keep prices low all other Canteen staff are volunteers. See Nanise in the canteen if you want to register as a volunteer and keep an eye out for Roster Requests at the start of each Semester.
To place a Lunch Order:
  1. Go to
  2. Create a new account by selecting Sign Up
  3. Then select Add Student

Via Classrooms

Before class begins, complete a brown paper bag from the Class Canteen Box (Leave the bag in the canteen box);
  • Child’s name
  • Class room and Teachers Name
  • The food order
  • The amount of money enclosed and if change is required (change will be placed in lunch bag)
Morning Tea, lunchtime snacks:
Students from Year 1 to Year 6 are able to go to the Canteen at Morning Recess and Lunchtime to purchase drinks and snacks. Children need only small amounts of money at school.
Please refer to the Healthy Food and Drink Choices policy.